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The Best Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training Sponsored By AAHOA

Human trafficking is growing to epidemic proportions, and we as hoteliers have an obligation to confront it and respond in any way we can.

AAHOA is committed to promoting awareness of this grave violation of human rights by educating hoteliers on how to spot and report any suspicious activity.  AAHOA also is committed to working with victims’ rights groups and lawmakers on the state and federal levels to support laws giving hoteliers and prosecutors alike more tools to stop the victimization of men, women, and children. 

AAHOA has partnered with Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking (BEST) to offer the BEST Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training sponsored by AAHOA for free at the 2020 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show. This training includes a review of the risks to you and your hotel, an overview of the types of people involved in trafficking, the process for reporting to law enforcement, and tips on how you and your staff can prevent trafficking in your hotel. Upon completion of the training, you will earn a certificate. 

In addition to many local jurisdictions that may require certain Human Trafficking Awareness Training, while other states have laws that require some public agencies and/or private businesses to train their staffs to recognize, report, and respond to human trafficking crimes and victims. Please verify the requirements of your local jurisdiction or state laws as this training may satisfy some or all of those requirements.

There is no additional fee for this training.  

Click here to find out more about what AAHOA is doing to help hoteliers combat human trafficking.